for TRex collaborators 😵 THE MOST DIFFICULT TASK EVER 😵

This is not public but not even private - BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID - this is a CULO PESANTE task

Dear friend! If you did something for great! Sadly, the effort isn’t concluded until your action is adequately reported in the list of ‘analysis-and-publication’! is our piece of HTML documenting all the project’s success, and you should be there too. It doesn’t matter if only a 15 person attendee or if everyone was distracted. We should memorize each advocacy effort. Even an apparently meaningless event, after six months, take a different meaning. So please, for future references, and to better focus our energies in the future, record your contribution!

You’ve to edit (or propose a pull request) to this file on github, which become like a list of events in the end.

As you can see, each entry has this format:

  title="Facebook's Algorithm Shapes Our Lives. This Hacker Wants to Find Out How."
  author="Alex Fanta"
  description="Netzpolitik interview to Claudio Agosti on the Tracking Exposed project and plan"

You don’t need to put every line. for example, author and authorLink shouldn’t happen often, they are meant for person OUTSIDE of the project. The speaker/project member, should go in the description.

How many entry you should provide?

Yes, we’ll have a collection of articles/publication/links for each project, and the will have all of them. Please don’t forget to add your contributions!