Disruption Lab workshop - Smash the filter bubble!

Sunday 27 a few hours workshop lead by Salvatore and Leonardo

link Published in: September

Smash the filter bubble workshop (feat Disruption Lab Berlin)

The Tracking Exposed collective project empowers users to gain knowledge of tracking and profiling that determine the information we receive in data market and under the influence of proprietary algorithms. In this workshop, we'll introduce the browser extension Youtube.Tracking.Exposed, aimed at the study of YouTube filter bubbles. Participants will learn how to install the extension and how to use it to collect evidence of their own filter bubble. The group will also perform a collective algorithm observation using the collected data of the video suggestions from YouTube. The simple test will enable participants to analyze the results comparing their personalisation with the rest of the group, thus learning a methodology to produce evidence about tracking and algorithm analysis. Data visualization (like Gephi, Tableau and R..) will be used to provide a graphic representation of the experiment. Check some previous collective observations of the YouTube and Pornhub algorithms to get an idea!

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