About Tracking Exposed

We operate to expose how tracking and profiling from user data had a negative impact on society so that proper political and civil actions can be taken.

Manifesto: first version (1.0.0), from 16 July 2018 - current version (1.0.1), 11 August 2019

Authored by Claudio, essential revisions and feedback from: Ciaby, Nienke, Velenux, Dan, Saverio, Barbara, Riccardo.

Few organizations helped us in the last years, we produced probably much more than what we were cover to do, we hope you enjoy it!

In 2019 we been sponsored by:


Data Transparency Lab price

DTL grant every year a price to everyone passing their selections

Lush & AccessNow #KeepItOn

Because algorithmic censorship is it something which should be investigated, we get a small sponsorship after Lush sold all the 404-bath-bomb to fundraise against Internet blackouts