January and February'21

Ongoing project PAADC announced

The tool of facebook.tracking.exposed, developed in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam, partnered with I&O poll and other analysts. 2000 Dutch were invited and 600 actives in the collection.

In this way, we re-framed the browser extension, reduced the interaction offered to adopters by removing the popup, updated the privacy statement explaining who is going to process the data, and collect posts on a dedicated server.

This might be a way to let organization offer their extension without incurring in a knowledge fragmentation (which is crucial if you consider that any browser extension that does not rely on shared code has to update themselves any time Facebook upgrade their HTML protection).

This is widely explained in this Internet Policy Review article.

First CHIARO use cases.

CHIARO is a series of experiments on how to compare Youtube personalize search results. We measured the distance of results with network analysis. It was released at the end of 2020, and now we released a few of the first findings.

event Opinion piece by: Salvatore Romano Published in: January

FIlterTube: Investigating echo chambers, filter bubbles and polarization on YouTube — DMI UvA Winter School project pitch

Abstract: This paper studies the construction of filter bubbles and political polarization under YouTube 's algorithmic personalization, in a time where the political division runs deep in the US and the 2020 election reaffirms the polarization. Using artificially generated personalized user accounts, we find that search results differ according to users' political affiliations, both in terms of the media type and political ideology of the channels suggested, showing some empirical evidence of filter bubbles' existence on YouTube, which possibly exacerbates an echo chamber behavior and enhancing political polarization in the US political debate. Project coordinated by Salvatore Romano and Davide Beraldo, Giovanni Rossetti, Leonardo Sanna

See also: Final presentation slides

link Extrenal resource Author: Tracking Exposed Published in: February

Twitter thread summarizing the Youtube search query analysis

Regarding the January analysis on YouTube, a differently accessible explaination that you can RT ;P