March to May 2022

Two reports on Russia & Tiktok, the Guardoni executable, Pornhub paper, and Makhno!

Mozilla blogpost on Makhno.

This is a profile of Makhno, a Mozilla Tech Fund awardee. Tracking Exposed and the Hermes Center have joined forces to hold corporations accountable for censoring certain types of content.

Our two first press release and reports

The Platformization of Gender and Sexual Identities: An Algorithmic Analysis of Pornhub have been published in Porn Studies!

Many thanks to the incredibly multidisciplinary team behind this, hopefully it's just the beginning (just... not on pornography for a while, please)@luciabainotti @afrontiercity @GiuliaGiorgi14 @silviasemenzin @_vecna @Salv_Romano @trackingexposed

— Ilir Rama (@Filooou) May 24, 2022

Test the Guardoni executable for Linux, Windows and Mac

since version 2.5.x we can consider this as a stable project, and soon would it be better documented and embedded in our work. Guardoni, in short, it is a tool that assist repetition of actions toward few supported platforms (Tiktok and Youtube, so far)