Spring & Summer '21

A large project report for a few key months

Although the project didn’t update these entries, the Spring + Summer 2021 was an awakening list of months behind the scenes. We are developing a more robust method of algorithm accountability, more platforms, partnerships, and concepts.

All the variety of Tracking Exposed is taking shape as long as the team grew, in parallel the public demand for our kind of services grows, as so are new actors in the field.

Spring 2021 — PAADC project successfully completed!

We participated in a fundamental fashion in the first investigation that attempted to answer, with a multidisciplinary approach never seen before, to the question “does political advertising has any impact? if yes, how much?”

With a partnership organized by the University of Amsterdam, Datactive, with Volksgrant and I&O, the researcher was composed of:

PAADC has been one of the most comprehensive research ever made on the subject. A multidisciplinary approach that is discussed mainly in the Dutch language, the first article is from 22 Februady 2021, and the second from 12 of March 2021; In English, this articles on PolicyReview.info.

YouChoose.ai begun!

Check the website, and if you want to contribute with a 4 minutes user survey, we’re studying the application and doing UX testing.

Extra: if you want to explore the world of shadowban detection, feel free to reach out.

Two open letters co—signed

link Extrenal resource Author: DisinfoLab Published in: August

Europe’s leading experts on disinformation call for urgent change to the EU’s draft Digital Services Act (DSA)

Today, the EU DisinfoLab publishes an Open Letter on behalf of the disinformation expert community calling on EU policy-makers to amend the draft EU Digital Services Act (DSA) to tackle disinformation head-on, ensure stronger measures on platform accountability and more democratic oversight over our online environment. The letter has been co-signed by over 50 leading organisations and individuals from across the European Union, including, the Institute for Strategic Dialogue, Reporters Without Borders, Transparency International EU and Avaaz, with a cross-section of researchers, educators, journalists, academics, and activists from across the EU and beyond. The signatories call on the DSA’s negotiators to take into account recommendations aimed at limiting arbitrary actions and inactions by the largest platforms, stricter transparency measures for online platforms, such as mandating a searchable archive of terms & conditions or ensuring the availability of disaggregated ad spend data, and a more flexible provision on data access for accredited researchers.

link Extrenal resource Author: Panoptykon foundation

The team is growing!

and this simple-card-style need a large graphic upgrade :)


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Research & Development


Technology Architect and Manager


Research & Development

Giulia C

Communication Designer

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Researcher, Product Manager and Fundraising


Social Psychologist and Data Analyst